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The heart of Beauty from Ashes is to transform the common-place, worn-out, broken or unwanted into the beautiful, extraordinary and desirable. This goes for fabrics, furniture, foraged fruits, any number of things we may come across everyday, including the people who cross our path and may need a helping hand!

My blog here will revolve around this theme and include food, fashion, gardening, interior design and crafty/making-ey things. As I’m a web and mobile developer as well as a lover of baking, designing, sewing etc I may occasionally throw in some geeky bits too, (you’ve been warned)! I also had a lovely offer from a foodie friend to write a guest piece now and again, so hopefully I’ll be joined by some friends here too!

I hope very much that you enjoy this blog, it will be followed by a full site once Beauty from Ashes the business comes into its own. If you have any suggestions, comments etc. do post them up or mail me. I’m very keen on this being more like a community conversation than my monologue!!

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  1. Maggie permalink
    November 10, 2010 10:22 pm

    Loving this blog missy – cant wait to read and see some of the beautiful things you salvage and create! |Christopher misses you and sends his love – my new children LOVE him! xxxx

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