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A tutorial in pin curls for my dear Margaret Rose or Victory Rolls part one…

December 30, 2011

Well hello hello,

A belated very merry Christmas to you!!

I realise that it’s just a couple of days short of a year since my last blog, which is really very naughty of me! I’m going to endeavour to do lots of exciting and blog-worthy things in 2012 though so watch this wordpress!

The following video is a post for anyone who’s fancied a go at a 1940’s hair style, has a WW2 party to go to (my lovely little Maggie) or just has a spare few minutes for a play.

I’ll apologise now for the length (I shall try to be less verbose in tomorrows vblog post), and the somewhat jolty nature of the video (I had to do some harsh editing for youtube to accept it)!

ps. It might take a couple of hours for youtube to approve the video so it may not work at the mo!
You should be ok to put the pin curls in tomorrow morning, blow dry them and leave them in all day though darling Mags xxx

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