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November 28, 2010

Hello, hello,

A very merry Sunday evening to you all. It feels like an age since I last logged on! Since popping my two penn’orth about friendship up I’ve thrown a charity pub quiz at work (with a lot of help from some lovely colleagues), queued up very early for the Lanvin at H&M launch and baked two hopefully very delicious Christmas cakes, (among a few other bits and bobs).
Little pic of my latest baking efforts

I mention the pub quiz as it’s for a good cause I’d like to share a little bit about, and because I’m pleased it seemed to go quite well! The quiz this year was to raise money for a UK project of our company charity, Tamar Lifeline Charity, TLC (have a little look if you’ve got a mo)). We’re going to be throwing a big Christmas bash for a school for deaf children in west london with the proceeds, which I’m very excited about! It’s going to be an opportunity for us to continue our relationship with the school, as we’ve worked with them before, which is lovely!

As well as the pub quiz this week I’ve queued up with some die-hard fashion fans  for the launch of the Lanvin collection at H&M Westfield. I thought I was rocking up early at 8.00am when the shopping centre opened, but found, as it was a special occasion, it had been open for hours, with a number of girls having camped out since 3.00am!! My colleague, Milly, and I did some research as we queued and spoke to some lovely shoppers. You can read her blog about it here on our company’s website. As well as all the hard work, we did manage to cram in some shopping too and strolled out with some lovely Lanvin goodies!

And finally, after that very busy week I’ve spent my weekend making a new hat – I bought some very very beautiful vintage vogue dress patterns, including one for this little gem!

Smashing vintage style hat
(If you fancy rustling one of these up too, you can buy the pattern from vogue, see it here,

I’ve also made two Christmas cakes, one for the family and one for work, (the purpose of which will hopefully become clear this week)!

Well I will leave you on this fine Advent Sunday with my best wishes for a lovely week, I hope works alright, and that shopping (which I expect most of us will be doing at least a little bit), will be bearable!

Cheerie-bye my dears!

Ps. If you’ve any suggestions for decoration of my Christmas cakes do please comment them for me!

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  1. December 5, 2010 11:44 pm

    My golly gosh, this hat is proving rather difficult!
    The lady in the shop I bought the patterns from said she found Vogue rather expected you to know what you were doing, and only gives professional-level instructions, and my goodness she was right! If anyone’s successfully made this hat would you mind giving me some pointers please – like what am I supposed to do with the foldy bits at the back once I’ve put the buckram in?
    Thank you!!!

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