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November 13, 2010

Good evening my dears,

As I watch Strictly and digest some truly scrumptious scones I’m reflecting on some the things I most treasure. A number of them have left delightful messages on my last couple of posts, so I’d like to express here how very grateful I am to have such dear and wonderful friends, here and spread all over the world as they’ve moved away or I’ve met them in different places. I’d also like to encourage you, dear new friend to connect with someone you might have lost touch with, take an old friend out for a scone and catch up, (I’m advising you from a place of weakness by the way, this is for myself as much as you! I need to become less lazy and more of a phone person I think).

Now speaking of scones, I’d like to recommend the really delightful tea rooms I visited today with two of my favourite people. If you’re in Surrey any time please look up Fanny’s Farm Shop, as their shop if full of delicious homebaked goodies, and their cream tea is super generous and completely delicious! They also have a treehouse you can book for parties, which I shall definitely be doing when the weather’s a little warmer.

Well, I hope that you’re all enjoying a nice snuggly Saturday evening with the ones you love. As you’re online anyway, why not pop a quick “hello” on someone you’ve lost touch with’s facebook wall!

Happy weekend to anyone who, like me, is currently both getting up and returning home in the dark! Hope we can all enjoy some sunshine tomorrow, or at least daylight!

Speak soon,


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